Saturday, May 19, 2007

"Skirt Shell" --- n/a

My mother picked up this shell for me on her last trip to the beach. I thought it would make an interesting study in grays (is it grEy or grAy?).

I went to the Salon International Show at the Greenhouse Gallery in San Antonio today. I met one of my all-time favorite artists, Kathryn Stats, who judged the show. I said "Oh, I love your work - I'm a big fan!" She looked me up and down and said "you look like a teenager." Apparently I made a good impression. :)


Amy Stewart said...

Being compared to a teenager is always a good thing. My mother likes to say, "Never get upset when you get carded--you never know when it'll be the last time."

Her paintings are amazing, by the way.

John said...

Technically, both grey and gray are correct. If I remember correctly, grey is the common British English spelling while gray is the favored American spelling.

I enjoy your paintings and particularly like the writing you've been doing in regard to your process. Lots of good stuff here, thanks!

Mike said...

Carol . . .I can't stay away! Thanks for linking Kathryn Stats . . .I don't blame you! Her work is superb! But, she's got nuttin on you, Girl!