Sunday, May 20, 2007

"Half Dried" --- SOLD

I'm experimenting with color a little bit. I'm trying to see what colors I can put with others and have it still look right, but maybe more interesting. This one's fairly subtle...but then I guess that's what I'm shooting for.

I used a little juice from this lemon earlier in the week to make my pear and apples peices get brown slower. I left it lying around my studio and it starting drying out and closing in on itself. I thought it was pretty cool looking, especially against this kind of green/blue background.


Jeff Mahorney said...

Beautful work as always. If I hadn't just come to expect it everyday, I would be astonded.

Carol, Please one quick question (or anyone else who can answer this):

Do you paint on a toned background? Specifically, do you paint on a dark or black background?


Carol Marine said...

Jeff- I just wrote about grounds a few posts ago. Check out the text under "Pears on Silk" and that explains exactly how I do grounds. Thanks! -Carol