Sunday, May 27, 2007

"Secret Merge" --- SOLD

I love the way things go nutty behind glass. In this one the lemon and cup appeared to be merging behind the jar, hence the title. A little silly, yes, but that's what occurred to me.
Someone asked me the other day about the medium I use to paint with. My medium recipe is maybe the one useful thing I got out of my college art classes. I mix 2 parts linseed oil : 1 part stand oil : and 1 part turp (or mineral spirits). I don't really measure these things (think of the cleanup!) but rather eyeball it. If I mix my medium pretty consistently with my paint, at least the top layer, I get a kind of sheen to the finished piece and then I don't have to varnish it. I hate varnish - it stinks.


n. rhodes harper said...

Hi Carol, I love this painting and you nailed the lemon and the cup through the glass. Let me get this straight in my mind you mis the regular linseed oil and the stand oil as well for the medium? thanks!!

Carol Marine said...

I'm not sure I got your question...but I mix all three together: linseed (2), stand (1) and turp (1).

n. rhodes harper said...

You answered perfectly! Thankyou. I guess I was confused because the stand oil is made from linseed and in my dense mind I thought maybe that was the only linseed you added. Soryy I'm nutty. I am going to try your medium, thanks for sharing your work and your medium receipe!