Monday, May 28, 2007

"Fungus For Dinner" --- SOLD

Yuck. I'm sorry, but while mushrooms are beautiful to look at (sometimes), they are really disgusting to eat. I know, you mushroom lovers out there are already unbookmarking my for you I apologize. Let's pretend this never happened.

Again lots of green in this painting (my favorite color). I tried to at least mix it up with some blues. Speaking of color...I came across a wonderful artist (colorist) in a magazine this weekend. Her name is Camille Przewodek (argh, how DO you pronounce that?). She does some crazy things with color, all very interesting.


EFT Studios said...

Carol, Have been loving your commentary on your paintings in the emails. Checked out Camille...and found Henry Hensche...fascinating. Will continue to enjoy your daily work and learn from your wonderful ways of application. Your color sense is delicious.

Elizabeth A Patterson said...

There's a lot to like in this little painting! The way you used all the different greens to define shadows and reflections is amazing. My favorite bit is where the polka dots of the table cloth are reflected in the mug... subtle... yet it keeps drawing the eye.

The mushroom is beautiful too. I wish I had it right here to slice up and saute with some peppers, garlic, and onions in olive oil! ;-)

Doug said...

interesting... I just took a workshop with Camille here in the Nashville area a few weeks ago. VERY different approach to painting.

Her name sounds like Prez wad ik

Interesting thing is, she was an illustrator to begin with and now sells mostly through her website. She doesn't like galleries.

Mike said...

More great work, Carol! Your stuff looks good enough to take a bite out of!!

Camile P. is a heck of an artist to follow. She is VERY highly thought of . . . studied with Henshe.

If only, eh?!


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Carol - I took a workshop with Camille (Prez-WAH-dek) last June. She's great, and does the workshops with her husband, Dale, also a painter. Isn't her color amazing? She talks a lot about Hensche, but she's taken the Cape Cod School of Art one step further. She lives/paints in Petaluma, CA, a lovely area north of San Francisco you should visit if you ever can. Love her work. Love YOUR work, too!