Friday, March 09, 2007

View from Sedona

This is a view from Sedona, AR, where I am currently on vacation. None of my pictures do this place any kind of justice, and I didn't have enough sunlight to photograph my painting for today. But here is a picture anyway. I am having a great time - trying to jam-pack everything into 3 days. My friend and I ran into Albert Handell today in the parking lot of our lodge, by chance. We were strangers to him, but he very kindly showed us his paintings which were beautiful! What a small world this is.


H Malott said...

Wow!! What a treat! I am sure he was flattered that you and your friend recoginized him! ~Heidi

Katherine said...

My goodness - lucky girl. I was driven through Sedona last July without stopping (big road trip and we were on one of the long days) and I'm now off to tell the driver what we may have missed out on! ;)