Monday, March 12, 2007

"Friendly Cups" --- SOLD

I am back from Sedona - had a GREAT time. It was the perfect trip except maybe a little bit too short. Thank you for the eating recommendations - the food was amazing! We drove up to Jerome while we were there, a small town built onto the side of a mountain with narrow winding streets and some really impressive art, though mostly only jewelry, pottery and glass. In Sedona we stayed in the Sky Ranch Lodge which I recommend. It is set up on a cliff, facing the town and the mountains opposite. We had a little deck with chairs and sat out every evening with wine to watch the sun go down.

I decided to try painting these 2 cups again that I bought a while ago. I have tried several times with no success. This is the best yet.


Nel said...


I really love your work, all of it. I look forward to your email every day to see what new wonder you've created. What a talent you have, and you've honed it so well. All your work is so fresh, clean, painterly, just amazing. Thanks for sharing it with us, your fans!

Kelley MacDonald said...

Well, you certainly had success with today's painting! Glad you enjoyed Sedona. Was the 'lodge' actually a B&B - and did someone famous (some president or John Wayne or something) stay there? It sounds like where we stayed. Makes me want to get BACK there! Paint Happy, I love your work!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Yup, success. Nicely done.
Can't wait to see those red rocks. I have info about little cabins at Oak Creek. Don't know when I'm going to get there, but I plan to.