Friday, January 27, 2023


Buy Now - $45 - 6x4in. - collage - "Hide the Candy"

I was asked recently by an art student if I could talk about my art and how it relates to memories. I thought this rather specific, as I haven't really mentioned it. But it got me thinking. Obviously I have them (memories) and yes, anything I look at tends to evoke them. But I don't usually create art with a particular memory in mind (or message, for that matter, which almost flunked me out of art school). That said, I often have an emotional reaction as I'm creating, and afterwards. And my titles hint at this. But I expect the viewer to have their own unique reaction, and mine is no more important than that.

Buy Now - $45 - 4x6in. - collage - "Getting There"

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Jo Castillo said...

These abstracts have been fun. Interesting to see and hear about.