Tuesday, January 17, 2023


Today I heard from an old friend and art hero, Jill Carver. She said she teaches something very similar to my "art is a balance between rhythm and variety" idea, but she calls it "unity and variety." Not only do I think that is a fabulous word for it, but it's great to hear that other people (and of such stature!) are thinking the same things. : )

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Another friend wrote and asked me to talk about a particular piece and how it follows this idea. In this next one, I would say the rhythms/unities are: the dominant light value - overall high key aspect; the repeating pink bits, orange bits, and green; the mostly low saturation, and mostly hard lines/rectangular shapes. The variety can be seen in: the different sizes of shapes, the sudden thin, curvy lines at the bottom, the small bits of saturation, and the one small, dark piece. I'm sure there are more things. I'm not great at analyzing art in general. For me it's mostly a feel thing.

Buy Now - $45 - 4x6in. - collage - "Essence"

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