Monday, July 18, 2022

Between Pads


Click Here to BUY - 8x8in - framed - oil - $300

I did this one a while ago and entered it into a local show. I don't normally frame my work, but because it was going in a show I started looking around for a floating frame, and I wanted it to be nice. I finally found the perfect one online but it was going to cost well over $100 for this little painting. My husband said - no way, I'll make you one.

So we went to the fancy wood store and found this gorgeous piece of sycamore, and he made a frame with the exact dimensions as the one online. He put a simple, non-glossy finish on it, and I think it compliments the painting perfectly.

Gotta love a handy hubby!

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Jo Castillo said...

Very beautiful. Good luck on the show! Your husband is a winner. I have a good supportive husband, too. Invaluable to have them around. Happy painting!