Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Circling the Water


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The point of camping for my husband and I (besides seeing new places and enjoying the outdoors) is to get a new point of view. To simplify our existence down to basic survival stuff - keeping fed, keeping warm (or cool), making sure we don't get eaten by bears, etc. To force ourselves to get away from all the stuff we normally do and think about, so that we can see our lives from a fresh perspective.

After a few days outside I start to get ideas popping randomly into my head, about all kinds of things, but I always hope some of it is about art! At a certain point we both look at each other and say - lets go home. We are both re-inspired and ready to get busy again with our respective projects.

Camping is our thing, and we love it, but I'm curious what you do to get a new perspective. (?)

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Jo Castillo said...

Love the apples.
Traveling was always a good jumpstart for me. Now that we can’t travel as much I was pondering about a class or something. I bought a new set of pastels and that seemed to work. I haven’t yet painted apples with them. Maybe tomorrow…..
Happy you got your new energy.