Monday, September 27, 2021

Up and Over 1 & 2


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Next up from the Sierras are two very similar paintings. I started one of them outside, on location, on a slightly smoky day, near the beginning of the trip. The wind started to pick up that day, which ended up blowing out the smoke, but also blew over a couple of easels, including mine. This was incredibly frustrating, mostly because up to that point my painting was going really well. But my turp can was emptied (all over myself and my new backpack!), so I had no choice but to return to camp to get more. But by then the light had changed and I knew that to finish the painting it would have to be on another day.

So I returned a couple days later, at the same time of day, only to find my scene had changed considerably without the smoke. I ended up repainting it quite a bit, and the result is this second painting below. And I really like it, but I also liked the original feel, so I painted another one at home, from photos and memory, and that is the painting above.

Click Here to Bid (8x10in. - OIL - starts at $100)


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Jo Castillo said...

Your trip sounds great. So good to get out with other artists. I’m not liking Zoom meetings and get togethers! Both of these paintings are great. The time of day and atmosphere show well. Applause!