Tuesday, March 02, 2021



Click Here to Bid (4x4in. - GOUACHE - starts at $75)

The best way I can describe gouache to people is that it's like an opaque watercolor. Except that depending on the color, and how much water is mixed into it, the opacity varies, a lot. I tend to put down the lighter colors first, especially yellows. If I am using the same terminology I use with my oil, I would call this a "vulnerable" color, because if you don't get it down first, it's hard to get it down later after you've put down other stuff. I also started with the pinks you see on his tongue and mouth. Grays and darker colors will layer much more easily, so you have more leeway. But you also have to make sure you don't cover up all those nice colors you put down first.

A lot of people have asked if I could record a video of me using gouache. I think I finally feel comfortable enough with the medium that I could do it. Now it's just a matter of figuring out the setup for the camera. I'll start working on that soon. : )

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