Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Three Vases


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I'm going through an ebb in my studio, which is why I'm really glad I still have some paintings from before that I haven't posted. I was particularly happy with this one.

My husband said to me once that my mood is only as good as my last painting. Over the years I have realized just how true this is! When I do a painting that doesn't work out, I feel discouraged. When I do five paintings in a row that don't work out, I feel like crawling into a hole. Nothing seems possible, so I don't feel like trying. And while I've done it many times, it's awfully hard to crawl out of that hole. So I'm wondering - is it just me? Or are most artists this sensitive? How about you?


Unknown said...

I'm there with you. At this moment my will to keep creating is heavy. Last week it was fine, cranked out three good pieces. Now it's leaden. I'm trying to keep sharp by reading.

karen said...

It isn't just you. I've been on a losing streak for months now. Nothing I try to paint is any good.

aloha said...

Awfully hard to crawl out of that hole? Yah, I feelya.

That's been a question for a long time - am I sensitive because I'm an artist, or am I an artist because I'm sensitive? Some people have no clue what's going on for them and I'm aware of my response to how it looks different, and better, if I take one half-step to the right. Yep, sensitivity.

It's tough to keep trying when nothing seems possible. According to famous researcher Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman, PhD this is the very definition of depression. The simple answer is, and you're probably not going to want to hear this, is to do the very thing about which you feel powerless - PAINT! ;)

This catches me up all the time in artistic/creative pursuits. Now the issue is to remember to ask myself "About what do I feel powerless??" and go take action in that direction. Usually just taking the action is the resolution.

I like your work - and especially enjoy the mental gymnastics of your still life compositions, what I imagine to be your geometric mental process in their creation and organization. Like light shining through glass onto different surfaces and different interrupted straight lines. Lots of subtlety. Good stuff.

Keep up the good work!

Pasha said...

The painting is strong and YOU!

I understand what you mean, Carol. I have a hubby who says, "why don’t you go to the studio dear" and it is a clue that I am being a bit crabby!
And when the painting doesn’t work, I am at least playing with maybe not quite as crabby but definitely not the life and soul of the party!