Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Smiley Faces

Click Here to Bid (5x5in. - GOUACHE - starts at $75)

I'm pretty sure I know why people love alpacas, besides the fact that they're fuzzy and soft. They always look like they're smiling!

And now for some art app updates based on your feedback (I will also update the ArtByte).

MY IPAD CASE: This is the one I got. It was under $30, and most are. Note that you'll need to get one that fits your specific ipad.

COST of APPS: I once paid $700 for the desktop version of Photoshop, and now pay $9.99/mo, so compared to that, all the art apps for ipad are super cheap!!! I can't remember exactly how much I paid for each one (and now that I've paid the prices don't show anymore), but they are all under $15, and usually a one-time fee. Some you get for free (or very low cost) but have to pay a little more to use ALL the features. The great thing about that is you can try out the app first and make sure you like it before you pay.


Apparently they added a feature recently for reference photos. To see it: touch the wrench icon > touch "canvas" > toggle "reference" > touch "image, then "import image". You can move this little window around and resize the image (within the little window).

OR, you can split screen your ipad, opening procreate (or any app) on one side, and your reference photo open on the other. It's really easy to do - here's a video that shows you how.

Also, you can trace an image (in any app that has layers) by inserting a photo on a layer, and then tracing onto the layer above it (and then hiding or deleting the layer with the photo). I feel like a dufus not thinking of that! But so thankful that you guys kindly share with me. : )

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Jo Castillo said...

Awwww, these are so cute. You made me homesick for Bolivia, we lived there almost 13 years at 2 different times. Thank you for your reviews of the art apps. You are kind and generous .. appreciated.