Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Two Spoons


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Lately it occurred to me that the world of LED lightbulbs must be advancing, and here I am mostly stuck in halogen world. So I've been trying some new ones. This one was a very strong (too strong - 90W equivalent) daylight (5000K), spotlight bulb. It almost obliterated the little white cup - I actually had to pretend it was less bright as I painted. And despite being LED, the bulb got hot, which I don't need. So, even though I did a whole painting with it, I returned the bulb (bulbs, actually, they came in a set). Yes, I'm a terrible person.

1 comment:

Pete Salwen said...

If you hadn't explained, I would have guessed you had a window off to the left, Vermeer-style, lighting the setup. Really nice piece.