Saturday, July 25, 2020

Just Around the Lake

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Four times now, over the years, I have hiked way up into the Sierra Nevada Mountains and painted with friends, for a week each time. There are no words to describe how wonderful each and every trip has been. I've taken lots of photos, and have been poring over them lately because ... I'm not going this year. : (

The reference for this particular painting was taken on a day when I was painting by myself on the opposite side of the lake from camp. The clouds were spectacular, so I clicked away, but I also quickly realized that the clouds were getting darker. So I hoofed it around the lake just in time to dive into my tent. My nap lasted just as long as the rain, and then I was out and painting again. BTW, This is my biggest gouache painting yet! Woo!


Patricia Wafer said...

Love your gouaches, Carol! A lot of us will be painting more from photos this year, I suspect. We know how painting or sketching a scene from life seems to fix that time in the memory. I wonder if painting a scene from our photos will bring back some additional memory of that time? What do you think?

Carol Marine said...

Thank you, Patricia! Yes, I absolutely agree. EVERY time I paint from a photo I took, I spend the whole time painting remembering the circumstances. It's like re-living those memories! I love it. : )