Saturday, June 13, 2020

"Missoula Alley" & "Great Fishing"

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This is from a little walk my hubby and I took the other evening here in Missoula, just before it started raining. Apparently June is the rainy month here, and we have definitely seen that. But nothing is rainy compared to Eugene! So we are not deterred.

Click Here to Bid (4x3in. - GOUACHE - starts at $25)

And this is from last year in the Sierras, when we were hiking down after 5 joyous days painting in an artist's wonderland, and I only had time anymore for pictures. That said, I was very impressed with my painting bud, Scott Hamill, who fished the whole way down AND made the 12 mile hike in the same time as me. Superman.

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