Friday, June 05, 2020

2 More Gouaches

Click Here to Bid > (top - 3x5in., bottom - 4x4in., GOUACHE, bidding starts at $25/ea.)

Here are 2 more gouaches. The top one is from Blodgett overlook again, south of Missoula, a different view this time.

The bottom one is from the Sierra Nevadas. It's from a photo but I have a wonderful memory of the moment I took it. I had just spent most of the day way up above the lake (and camp) painting by myself, and as I was hiking back, completely satisfied, a smile plastered to my face, the sun low on the horizon, I was stopped in my tracks by this scene. I didn't have time to paint it, so I snapped a few pictures and carried on my way, just in time to enjoy some wine (and dinner I guess) with my paintings buds. Life is good.

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