Monday, December 30, 2019

You Cut Me Up

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Here's the same striped fabric as in my last painting, still a challenge, but not nearly as much as when it's rumpled. This time the hard parts were the slices, and the glow they emitted.

I haven't actually been able to paint for about a week (I've been sitting on this one and a few others I did before the holidays). I've had issues with my upper-back/neck since my 20's, but due to the recent work getting our house ready to sell, often tasks involving holding my hands above my head for periods of time, my dull aches have turned into acute pain. Which bites, considering we have a deadline! And because it now hurts when I paint. But my husband is a champ and has stepped up to take over my chores. I wonder if maybe I should start teaching him how to paint pictures... At any rate, I am working on a plan to get better, and will post what I've got left until then.

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