Saturday, June 15, 2019

Lunch in Italy

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Here's another scene from Florence. I got a lot of comments after my previous post about taking pictures of people, mostly very positive(!), but I just wanted to clarify something. I've done my research, and it is completely legal to take pictures of people if they are out in public. They might not always like it, and it might sometimes feel a little weird (even for me), but it's legal.

To anyone who might feel it is stealing or morally wrong, or I should ask for permission every time (ugh), there's this: 1. I am never shooting for a likeness when I paint them (if I was, I would definitely ask) and 2. I try to be very discreet. I never ever get in someone's face - I have a zoom lens and I use it. If they see me, I move on.

No one has complained to me about my picture taking in years! The last one was in San Francisco, the guy was homeless, across the street, and I wasn't even taking pictures of him!!

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