Sunday, May 26, 2019

Street Fight

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I got home from Italy a few days ago. I have a theory that the better the trip, the worse the jet lag. And this was a pretty SPECTACULAR trip!! So it's taken me a little time to recover.

Please forgive my indulgence if I post a few more photos than usual. After all, this was my last workshop! With a fabulous batch of students/kids!

Here is a view from the Uffizi art museum. Our very shic hotel/studio was over to the left from here by a few streets. All the downtown stuff was to the right.

Here's the inside of our studio space where we met and worked each day. These gals were dedicated. I barely had to crack my whip.

We saw lots of great art, and I (for one) learned more than I ever knew I didn't know about it.

We ate a LOT of amazing food, in one gorgeous location after another. There MAY have been some flirting with the cute Italian waiters, but I'm not confirming anything. (what happens in Italy stays in Italy...)

My entire class got to take a cooking class one evening, which was very fun!

On the last day, we drove out into the countryside and toured a winery, tasted all their wine, and ate lunch - not necessarily in that order (who can remember!)

In general this trip involved wine. Kind of a lot. And did you know Italian wine doesn't make you feel bad the next day? Or at all? That I will confirm.

At any rate, I want to thank Debra & Ivano Zamperla for hosting us, and my 13 kids who were courageous enough to tackle people painting in Italy. I couldn't have asked for a better workshop finale!!!

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