Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Blue March

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Common Misconceptions about Daily Paintworks (DPW)

The first is the word “daily” in the name. While DPW always has new art DAILY on the front page, our members don’t have to produce art every day. Heck, I certainly don’t! Because life gets in the way, am I right? In fact we have no requirements at all when it comes to how often our members post.

Second, while DPW is an online gallery, we ALSO provide (newly) customizable art websites, and a great back-end that tracks your art and sales. Check out our new join us page (and scroll down) for examples of a few of our new themes, portfolio management system, and more.

Misconception number three is about blogs. In the early days, every daily painter had a blog. We set up DPW (listen to me, taking credit for this clever programming!) so it pulls posts from blogs automatically. But these days, not everyone has one, and it is certainly not a requirement. Honestly, if I were to start daily painting today, I would probably just use DPW, social media & a newsletter.

And (at the risk of sounding like one of those horrible infomercials) there's more! : )
(to be continued...)

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