Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The No-Boiled Egg

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Last year I posted about a piece of glass I found at IKEA that I bought and used for a palette. Unfortunately what I soon found was that it scratched very easily, probably due to the fact that it wasn't tempered. The scratches were actually fairly easy to work around, though it made it a little harder to clean, and ... quite ugly. The top picture is from a few days ago.

The bottom picture includes my new PERFECT piece of glass! I got it locally, and it was super easy (which makes me feel silly for putting off for so long!). I got the clearest glass, which they call Starfire, 1/4" thick, tempered, 19"x48".

I decided to put paper underneath (for now). I prefer a white palette (so I can compare all my values to the lightest one). But recently when I painted on black gesso, I got a feel for what it's like comparing to dark values as well. So I also put a piece of black paper under one section. This is an experiment.

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