Monday, March 04, 2019


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We survived the Snowpocalypse! Last Monday we got over a foot of snow, and then more over the next day or so - almost 2 feet total. In Eugene, snow that sticks means we can't leave the house for a while. Snow falls so infrequently here that the city isn't equipped with many plows, and only the main roads get cleared. Ours isn't a main road.

We also lost power and internet on Monday, and didn't get it back until Friday. This made for quite an adventure. We managed to keep one room heated, and spent most of our time there, reading and napping, and spending some quality family time. Honestly, I wouldn't trade it.

BUT, I'm glad to be able to paint again! My first victim, these little tomatoes I found when we finally made our way to the store.

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