Saturday, March 16, 2019

Just One Egg

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I had to take a little break and do some non-painting stuff for a few days. Fortunately eggs last a while in the fridge, especially if they aren't for eating. : ) After this one I have 7 left.

Because I was a little rusty this morning, I forced myself to do something that I should REALLY be doing on a more regular basis. I divided a panel into 4 (3in. x 3in.) sections, chose an object, and painted it 4 times, doing some experimenting with each one. And guess what - I learned stuff! I was going to show you a picture, but I started worrying about what you might think about it. And that's not the point - the point is for me to experiment without any thought of it being "finished." Because I think we all need a safe space like that where fear is not allowed. It was just what I needed today.

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