Thursday, March 29, 2018

What Are We Doing Here?

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I was at IKEA yesterday, picking up some things (for a project that will be revealed soon...) when my husband spotted this piece of glass and suggested it might make a good palette. I had been intending to get one from somewhere to finally replace the paper palettes I've been using for years, but hadn't done it yet. And boy am I glad, because this one is perfect! It's thick, has rounded edges, and is already white on one side. Best of all, it was only $20!

I feel like this is a setup meant for a queen! And so of course nothing I painted today worked out. Ugh. The painting above is one I did a couple of days ago.


norsky2u said...

what was the name of the glass I want one too!

Carol Marine said...

Norsky2u- I don't think it had a name - it was just something like desk top. I found it in the shelves and little tables section at IKEA. : )