Sunday, July 02, 2017



I am all done with my second 2017 workshop. For this we used the classroom space at Vistra Framing & Gallery here in Eugene, OR. Not only was the space ideal, and the hosts lovely, my students were awesome! Here you can see them working hard, but also having fun. : )

During the week, the framers gave us a short presentation about their online frame business,, and then made up some custom frames for us based on our feedback (some lovely floater frames for panels, since that's what we were using - below, right), at incredibly fair prices. They are a family business, and just the best kind of people.

On the last day of the workshop we had a group critique. You can see them setting up their work for this above, left. Below is my whole group (minus 2 who had to leave early). You gals were fabulous!

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