Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Through the Barn


When I got into my very first gallery, a seasoned artist took me aside and said he liked my work. But that he could tell I was painting from photographs. This guy (Gordon) gave me my very first plein air easel and sent me packing. He also gave me a pep talk, which included suggesting that even though one could paint a beautiful trash can, it wouldn't sell. Well, that's a long story to say - this view of the barn is a little ... odd, and maybe, a little like a trash can? But I really like it. So, I'm posting it, but I'm going to start the bidding at $1.


Antje Bednarek said...

Hm, I realise that your comments are more about style of painting and subject matter. But this hits on something that concerns me, too: as much as I appreciate plein air painting, isn't there a bit of snobbery in the attitude that using photos isn't quite as good as it could be?

Carol Marine said...

Hi Angtje! Yes, absolutely there is a LOT of snobbery out there about painting from photos. I think this guy's point was that - if you ARE going to paint from photos, it can be helpful to know what information is missing in them. And the only way to REALLY know that, is to paint from life sometimes. So I do, but I also paint a lot from photos.

Jean Ranstrom said...

I am an artist as well, due to age and locale, still operating a gallery and teaching studio so don't get an opportunity to plein air often, but have painted plein air fairly often. I applaud you for posting a painting that you are happy with and have feelings about. I truly think most artists paint because they cannot not paint . A very interesting , fun painting. There are many of us who are not art snobs that enjoy the energy and joy in these paintings.

roth phallyka said...

I applaud you for posting a painting that you are happy with and have feelings about.