Thursday, May 25, 2017

Green Shutters, Blue Gate


This is actually the same house I posted yesterday, but on a sunny day, and from outside the closed gate. I've been working on my foliage lately, and feel like I'm slowly making progress. The biggest thing I've learned? Variety of marks.

There have been a number of things I've been told over the years that I "should" or "shouldn't" do regarding art, and some of it I am just unable to. For a long time. And then years later I find that I have grown into it. In my own time. For example, people have said that "IF you're going to paint from photos (frown), don't be a slave to them." Well, I think first I had to figure out how to simply paint it like I saw it. Then, (as I also painted more from life) I was able to see what my camera wasn't picking up, and adjust that as I painted. And now, 20 years in, I find I edit quite a bit at times, and am comfortable with it. So if you're struggling with what you "should" be doing, give it time. Or not. Do what feels right for YOU, right now.

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Prodip Mullick said...

Nice one. All of your artworks are very beautiful.