Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Arranged Lemons


These lemon slices are being paraded around before the cup. He is their potential husband. He's not quite sure yet who he'll choose, though they all have a certain glow.


B Buggia said...

I have been re-visiting your book "daily painting" and wonder if you could tell me the difference (reference here for Gamblin mediums) between Cold Pressed Linseed Oil and Refined Linseed Oil. The descriptions seem the same. May I use the Refined Linseed Oil for the medium mix you use?

Thanks so much. I enjoy your blog as always,
B Buggia

Carol Marine said...

Hi B! To be honest, I didn't know Gamblin offered the refined version. It looks like it doesn't yellow as much, which means it should be the preferred choice. Thank you, actually, I think I'll be ordering some myself! : )

B Buggia said...

Thank you so much Carol! Now I can mix up some 'stuff'!!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I converted to your medium after my first workshop with you which was 8 years ago :-O
it's very forgiving on the brushes if you don't clean them right away, as you pointed out.

I think the "husband" should take the Harem approach, since they all look so stung ;)