Monday, February 13, 2017

Chunky Stuff

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Hello from Texas! We have been so busy visiting family and friends that I forgot to post this week's Daily Paintworks Challenge until today. I did this one before we left. The idea is to divide your subject into the simplest value/color areas possible, and paint them in solid chunks, without any soft edges or gradients. This allows you to really understand the BIG picture, without getting distracted by all the little details. I really enjoyed doing it, and totally dig the result! Want to try it too? The Chunked Challenge (don't forget to squint!)


Rick W said...

Hi carol,
I like all of your paintings and I LOVE your book, Daily Painting. It's so inspiring and very helpful. I finished it several days ago and refer to it almost daily. I'm attempting to commit to some version of daily painting. So far it looks more like I may be a two-a-week painter. Honestly, that's huge for me. But, thanks to you, I've actually done two in the last week and I actually did them "alla prima" (learned that term from you too)!
I have my composition ready for my next attempt and I'm planning to do the chunky challenge first, then maybe use the same composition for a not-so-chunky version. Thanks so much for all you've done to help people like me.
Hope y'all enjoy your vacation,

Full Picture Art said...

Its beautiful creation