Saturday, January 28, 2017

Making Art

Click Here to Bid (6x6in.)

Well, I've realized now that I've done a number on my wrists and I've got to rest them in order to heal. The worst thing is typing, but I've even stopped painting for now. : ( Hopefully this will save me a lot of grief down the road. So my husband is stepping in where needed, to help (unfortunately he doesn't paint!). Because he has a lot to do himself, my emails may be a bit slow, FYI.

This may work out for the best anyway, as we are headed to Texas soon, driving there from Oregon, and will be gone a total of 6 weeks. I will post a few more paintings, as I was ahead, but will hopefully (fingers crossed!) be able to paint again in Texas.

1 comment:

Carol said...

I hope you heal quickly!
I used your panel holder today for a small 4" x 4"
painting. Genius idea! So glad I purchased it.