Saturday, November 26, 2016

Martini Before Lunch?

sold. (6x6in.)

Painting this was an odd experience. When I was arranging the objects, I was really frustrated because I didn't think they looked all that great together. I decided to paint them anyway, because it was the end of the day and I was tired of arranging and re-arranging. And I ended up liking the painted version WAY better than the real life version! How can I make this happen again?

And no, I don't drink martini's before lunch. Not even while on vacation in Germany. : ) This is the last painting I will post here - I'll be home on December 1st (unless the Lufthansa strike continues).


Christine Gerresheim said...

Very beautiful creations and translations. I like the motifs and I wish you every success with the Daily Paintings. best regards

Anonymous said...

How do you get the delicious blue in your last few posted paintings? I love that deep,
purply blue, not muddy, but like the last blue before the background becomes black.
Well done. It doesn't look like that dreary Berlin rainy weather.

Thanks Carol and Happy Holidays.

Anna Blanca

Ellie said...

So fun like always! I love the mood like always. ;) The spot of color in the red and yellow accented by the blue is really magical.

Stuart Bush said...

I enjoy the simplicity of your painting. The composition has rhythm, colours and forms that come together and to respond to each other. Great work

Carol Marine said...

Thanks you guys!

Anna, I'm looking back at my Berlin paintings to see the blues you mentioned. I make all my blues with a combination of:
one or both of my 2 blues (ult blue, phthalo blue)
plus any number of bits of the rest of my palette (titanium white, cad yellow, can red, alizarin)
And I'm thinking most of the blues you mentioned were made from a combination of lots of those colors. If you use all three primaries in a mix (red, yellow & blue) it makes a "gray-ish color, and there is far more "grays" in life than we expect!!!
: )

Carol Marine said...

By the way, I've had some wine already this evening, so I apologize for any grammatical mistakes in the above comment. Like, "there ARE far more grays in life than we expect!!!"