Saturday, October 08, 2016

No Personal Space

sold. (6x6in.)

Recently I experimented for the first time with Galkyd. It makes paint dry a little faster, which I found is especially useful for landscape block-ins. Specifically I have used it to block in the dark masses of trees, so that when it comes time to put in the light sky the colors don't mush together at the margins and make so much mud! This has been quite enlightening! So I've been experimenting with Galkyd in still lifes too, and blocking-in there as well. I don't have answers yet, still just lots of questions. But I'm having fun.


Anonymous said...

I think of the sky as a really big "island" and paint it first. I let objects against the sky pick up colour from the sky but not vice versa. Mainly, the words of another art friend remind me, "If the sky is reflecting, watch out, you might be trapped in a biodome." Well, I thought it was funny :) I also like M. Graham's Walnut Alkyd Medium, which also lets paint dry a little faster. I haven't compared its drying rate to Galkyd's though.

lady guerrilla painter said...

Hello Carol,
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Love the edges around the cups! I remember the first time I saw that objects can appear to have an aura of color surrounding them. It was a revelation! -like your edges in this piece.