Wednesday, August 24, 2016


sold. (8x10in.)

This is my first painting (that turned out) from our trip up into the Sierra Nevada mountains last week. There was a little waterfall just to the left and I tried painting that first, but it was a disaster. Despite that, and a few other failures, there were no major disasters, and we all had a wonderful time!

I did see two bears: one from the car driving in, and the other in our camp a couple of evenings, keen on getting our food. Fortunately he ran away when we yelled at him. He did manage to snag some instant coffee and a couple of days later we found a big sludgy pile of bear poop near camp. Poor guy must have had indigestion!


Ron Wilson said...

I appreciate the warm color just below the water line. Oil paint eh?

Caroline said...

Hmmm. Instant coffee. Might have to stay away from that stuff!

Gary Green said...

Bears ruin everything.