Saturday, May 21, 2016

Reclusive Rose

sold. (5x7in.)

In the past I have drawn my roses very precisely, even gridded them somewhat. But the last few I've done (and other subjects too) I've gotten more interpretive with the shape and made adjustments where I thought it might look better. I think this means I'm growing! I'm showing the original photo here - honestly I thought it would be even more different.

Here is another of my current show paintings. "The Magic Hour" - 16x16in. - $900. The scene is from San Francisco, taken when I was walking from downtown to the Mission District.

3 comments: said...

I love all your variations of yellow in the rose.
More beautiful than the real one.
The turquoise sky is stunning and makes
the Magic Hour

Jacqueline Davis said...

I loved in the San Francisco Bay Area for 3 years. I noticed as soon as I moved there that there was something special about the light there. I was always commenting about it to my husband. The light in the painting is just fabulous. It really makes the painting. In awe as usual Carol.

Linda said...

Your paintings are beautiful!