Saturday, August 22, 2015


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Pre-posted while I'm off painting in the Sierra's. I won't be able to ship anything until (at the latest) August 25th.

These aren't cows! I have shied away from painting horses my whole life because they have such specific proportions and I've been told by "experts" that it's tough to get it right. But screw it! I have a deep affection for these horses as I visit them almost every year in Germany. So I decided to just give it a go. And they look like horses to me.

This is my last pre-post. Today I should have hiked back down the mountain with my group, and will be visiting a friend for a few days in Pleasanton before I head back home with my report. Stay tuned!


Alecia Schmitz said...

I think your horses are amazing Carol! I know how hard it is paint these moving targets. I also recently learned from a horsewoman/amateur photographer friend that you have to be very careful of your settings when taking pics for photo references. It's very easy to get distortion - huge heads, big bodies, little legs. I went back and looked at my references and sure enough, they were goofy!

Lisa Daria said...

I'm glad you shrugged off those 'expert' thoughts and went for it - these horses are perfect because I think in painting and drawing it doesn't have to be absolutely correct but believable!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

exactly, screw it!
Your drawing is always flawless.
It looks exactly like a horse and it's beautiful!