Sunday, July 26, 2015

Nina's Sunglasses

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I did this one in honor of Nina, my granddaughter, who recently came to visit us here in Oregon. She is one and so I was searching the house high and low to find things she could play with. I have a bowl full of sunglasses I found (cheap) at a flea market in California last year. She got a kick out of them for a while (success!), and then abandoned them in a pile on the floor. I tried to recreate the mess she made for this painting. Thanks for the idea, Nina! (later we had fun outside with water ->)


Unknown said...

Hey Carol,
Wendy Monroe of Ajijic, Mexico told me about you and gave me an acylic lesson. So fun.
Love your paintings!
Biddy Moore, Chattanooga,Strong!


I love the light coming through the sunglasses. And what a lovely photo of your granddaughter -- the light and pose are just perfect.