Sunday, July 12, 2015


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This is probably the most spectacular (large) scene I painted on this trip. If I had painted any of the boats down in the river they would have been tiny specks.

To get this view I had to be up on the opposite canyon edge. Where it was windy. And when I say windy, I mean I pretty much had to strap myself to the jeep to remain in one spot. Which means I couldn't use my umbrella. Which means the painting turned out too dark, which it always does when that happens. So I had to repaint it when I got home. I liked the composition, so I just repainted over what was already there, basically lightening and refining each part as I went.

Those are the Three Sisters mountains in the back, which my husband and I hiked around (all 50-some-odd miles) a couple of years ago. They were much easier to paint than to hike around!


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I like the colors in this!!!

Unknown said...

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You are such a talent. loved the painting. hats off