Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Pink Inside

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I did this one twice, and was prepared to do it many more times. The first one was sooo boring. I got done and I thought, "ok." I put it up on my shelf and thought about what to paint next. But I had this nagging feeling that the first one wasn't good enough. I thought, "I should do this over and over again all day and then pick the best one." So I did it again, with the idea that anything went, because it was one of many. That idea freed me! I loved the second one so much, I wiped the first and painted another rose (that I'll show you tomorrow).


Annmarie said...

I love the idea of repeating the same painting until you get it right. I somehow never have the energy, but I really need to just do it. Thanks for the motivation!

Bob Ransley said...


The painting is awesome!!! I really like it. Whenever I come to this site I always go with a new idea and experience as well. I love to see paintings on the living things and the natural ones. Thanks for posting so beautiful paintings.