Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Perfect Spot

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It is unfortunate that these horizontal images don't display any larger. Because this one looks SO good in person! So please, please click on the image to enlarge it!

This is another one from California. I had to drive up a twisty one-lane road, and then hike up about an hour to get to this spot. The trail was called Eagle View, and this was the spot where you sat and looked out at the view (behind me). It was pretty spectacular, but I thought the view looking back this way was far more paint-able.


Peter Barker said...

I knew it - you're just TOOOO good with landscapes as well Carol! Really great job, just gorgeous.

Unknown said...

It Really is Beautiful!! It just all holds together. Love that format too. Bet it was gloriously quiet up there too. Can almost feel the breeze.
What backpack do you carry your gear in please? I wore one out and could use an idea.
Thanks so much - Joanne

Caroline Greene said...

Beautiful dappled light, Carol. So fresh, atmospheric and peaceful.

Unknown said...

Hi Carol

I think your landscapes are fabulous: the broken color and the light, the foreground, the distance. Just lovely!

Carol Wiley

PS Thanks for your book. I am now blogging and on DPWs.

Dietmar Stiller said...

Hi Carol,
I love our "new" colors and the composition. This reminds me of the philosopher's path in the Black Forest near Schluchsee ;)(
Happy Painting

Jennifer Newcomb Marine said...

These naturescapes are just incredible! You've really hit on something here... :-)

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

again, brilliant take on a simple scene.

So simple that I'd have looked right past it for something to paint ;)

Well, done.

Carol Marine said...

Thanks you guys!

Joanne Hopper, I use an Osprey Quantum backpack that I LOVE! You can get them on Amazon. My Art Box ( fits perfectly in it. (I have the smallest size art box, fyi)

Unknown said...

Thank you Carol - will check it out