Wednesday, February 18, 2015


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I can't believe I haven't used this title before. I've done a ton of paintings where one thing is left out. It's been a theme in my life. Growing up in a small town I was always the odd-ball. Not that I would ever expect anyone to pick this out in my work. I paint for the colors and shapes, and for the sheer challenge and enjoyment of it. If a concept works its way in (one that isn't silly, anyway), it is purely by coincidence. I am an artist without a statement. Or rather, a very simple one. Beautiful life.


Linda Levine said...

Carol I must challenge your self-concept! A child does not understand being different, but as an adult you have embraced that vision of yourself and turned it into success. Thousands hail your art as new and unique and many try to imitate you. Not many artists are as well-known...This is your time to shine girl!

I need orange said...

To me that one apple looks looks like a pioneer.... Outward facing, not wistfully looking back.


I am always annoyed at the notion that art should Mean Something (and even more annoyed by the notion that something someone makes With A Point In Mind is more likely to be art than a beautiful and interesting rendering of daily-life subject matter.........!!!).

Sue Marrazzo said...


Mary Sheehan Winn said...


Ok, I was sitting at the table WAAAAAAY down from Candace. But I think I'm over it :D