Saturday, February 07, 2015

Delicate White

Click Here to Bid (5x7in.)

A new friend of mine asked me recently, "How do you decide what to paint every day?" I said, "I paint whatever I feel like." And it struck me, not for the first time, how insanely lucky I am to have the job I have!

And speaking of whatever I feel like, I woke up the other morning totally inspired to do some abstracts. I did several, 2 of which you'll find here (with bid's starting at $1). Here's my favorite:



Yeah, I do love this piece also. I gotta have it! Totally respond to this abstract little distraction. I think more are in order. Jb

Ron Wilson said...

Just when I think I'm almost catching u up you go and produce a stunner like this. Have mercy on us lesser mortals Carol!
Seriously good.

Sue Marrazzo said...

lOVE the flower!