Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Angels in the Architecture

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After a few successes with the "darks first" method, I had a few total disasters. So I retreated back to my usual method for this one (islands to oceans). What I've discovered is there are pros and cons to each. My goal is to figure out when to use each one, and if there's some way to use them somehow together. I will keep experimenting. Thoughts, anyone?

Meanwhile, I did this one from a photo I took inside the NYC downtown library. I chose a bigger panel for it and found it was MUCH easier to paint people when they weren't crammed into a 6x6! I've been wanting to do this one for a while, and am very happy with the result.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

The composition is magnificent, the faces and figures read true, and the points of connection within the composition are beautifully thought out.
My eyes take in the figures and sweep upward toward the beautiful light and shape defining the ceiling and back around to study the faces, which are depicted in stunning but incredibly accurate, brevity.
Your vision and talent has been an inspiration and a blessing.

silentwitness said...

I love this "space" that you have created! The light, the impeccably paced movement of your compositional elements, and the elegant muted color harmonies create a spiritual mood that masterfully combines the "classical" with the contemporary." It is quietly expressive, convincing, and powerful, Carol. Your versatility is also astounding!

Mary Pyche said...

The larger format is perfect for this painting, I love it. My thoughts about the darks first in your case are that because you have such clean color perhaps the darks first muddies it up unless you let it dry first. The only way you can tell this isn't darks first is where there are peeky holes. The treatment of the big light is awesome. It's the cherry on the cake! Mary Sheehan Winn said it eloquently!

I need orange said...

I will call you Betty.


Carol Marine said...

Thank you, Mary!!

And thank you I need orange, you got the reference!! : )

Carol Marine said...

Thanks everyone!!

Charles Tabor said...

Really, really great. Love the sense of space.

Unknown said...

Great blog.

Unknown said...

Hi Carol,

Been following your work for some time now. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "Islands to Oceans" so I ordered your book to read. (I was planning to get it anyway).

I follow the old method of applying my darks first because of two reasons:

First, I think it keeps them luminous, (if I don't use a pre-stained canvas).

Second, It allows me to change the area (mass) without making it chalky.

I tell my students that until the design is settled and before any detail is added, they will need to "tune" the relationships between the masses. So I instruct them to pick the color in the scene that contains the "least" amount of white to mix and put that down first. Because, if needed, that is the first color mass that will be altered after all the masses are in place.

Just my thoughts.

—Troy Kilgore

Carol Marine said...

Wow, thank you for the in depth reply, Troy! I think you are so right, and I forgot to mention that in my list of pros for the dark first method - you can definitely tune it more easily in the early stages. I have been trying to use a combination of starts, and that has been working ok. Unfortunately it means approaching every painting differently, which isn't great for explaining it. But I'm very much enjoying the change-up and the challenge of the whole thing. : ) Happy painting!

Unknown said...

Wow- this one is truly amazing!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

and the figures are not all the same height which adds so much to the scene. Very important!