Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Red Room


Does anyone else feel like the time between Christmas and New Year is odd? Like lost days. Not counted somehow, even though they have numbers. Well, I have been using these days to paint like crazy. So much, I filled my shelves and had to spend today doing something completely different - working on a quilt I started for my son, uhhhh, like a year ago? (sheepish grin)


Ron Wilson said...

'Glad to hear you got to paint - I had truly LOST DAYS and only managed a pastel of a pal today. 'Still not happy but it's New Year so I'll cheer up. H.N. Year.

Debbie Meyer said...

Yes Carol, I do agree on this week. I start thinking about the new year and what I want to do in it...its called making 2015 goals!! Heeha... Painting more is always top on list..clean closet, etc...yuck...But I love the Red Room! Strong color in the back with white cups!! go girl on that quilt!! I have one wayyyy older that that that is still not done!! ¦~}

Mary Sheehan Winn said...


Superb edges. color harmony and values.
Never gets old.

Yes, this time of year is kind of odd, like time stands still.
Happy New Year dearest!

Thesis writing service said...

Wow.. what a perfection. Simply amazing

Ann Trainor Domingue said...

Hi Carol. I always enjoy your playful, uplifting images as they pop into my blog reader. So refreshing. I like to see how you are exploring your subject matter even more though you have painted cups and fruits for a while. They never seem old. Enjoy your quilting project. Long ago it took me a whole year to knit a sweater--kept it as a sign of persistence. :) Ann If you have a minute would you take a look at my blog--would love your thoughts on it. Thanks.

Stephanie Berry said...

I really like this one. It's the limited palette I think. Nice whites with the warm reds. HAPPY NEW YEAR Carol!!