Saturday, November 01, 2014

Sea Slice 2


Here's another sea slice from Ventura. Plus a lovely little video made by my friend/artist, Julie Ford Oliver about my book! Don't worry, it's just a short, flip through. Just 2 more days to get the pre-order rate for my book!


Sue Marrazzo said...

LOVE IT!!!!!

Marilyn Flanegan said...

i decided to treat myself to an early Christmas present - your book will be arriving in my mailbox in just two days!!
Thank you for sharing your keen observations and blessings.
Congratulations, Carol!

Cathy said...

this is siply stunning!

Gabrielle said...

Hi Carol,

I received my copy of Daily Painting today and cleared my schedule so I could spend the afternoon curled up on the sofa reading it. It's fabulous! Clearly you gave a lot of thought to the content and sequence of the book. The examples are great. I also appreciate the stories and beautiful paintings from the other artists you included as well. The book is just one big hit of inspiration. I suspect it will become one of the most-used art resource books in my studio. Thank you!

Debbie Meyer said...

Hi Carol, Like the sea scapes....Guess what I got today?? Your "Daily Painting " book!!!! Yuppie, love what I have seen so far... Congrads!! Can't wait to get in to it! Thank you Carol for doing this book, it will be fab for my art book collection!! ¦~]