Monday, September 29, 2014

Red Ford


Well, I know I said I would post a few paintings while I was in Maine, but the internet connection wasn't good enough, alas. But it's a good thing I'm still ahead because I am having some sort of allergic reaction to ... something, not sure what. I am covered in itchy hives. Ack! I saw the doc yesterday and she gave me Prednisone, which will hopefully help with the itching, because it makes me feel terrible otherwise. So while this sorry sack that is my body tries to recover, I don't think I'll be painting much.

This is another little scene from around here in Eugene.


Ellen Friel, NEWS, CA said...

Hi Carol,
Just did a painting workshop on the Boston Public Garden and have left an area for cars. We were above the street of all things! Anyway, I find that the "architecture" of cars is a challenge sometimes to fit in properly without screaming "HI I"M A CAR AND I'M TAKING OVER THE SUBJECT OF THIS PAINTING!!!!" I like the subtlety of your work on cars, trucks, etc. Just wondering if you draw the car on the canvas first or just "drive it on home" with paint from the get go?!
Thank you, Ellen Friel

Carol Marine said...

Thanks, Ellen! I draw the car first, with paint. I do that with all my subjects. : )

Barbara Pask said...

You always do cars and trucks so well. Feel better soon.

D. MEYER said...

Sorry you feel itchy..yuck!!! Love the truck much!!! Feel better now... ¦~]