Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Creek vs. River


I was trying to be really diplomatic on our recent plein air trip to Hood River and paint wherever everyone else wanted to. But secretly I only wanted to paint rocks and water. I never mentioned that once. Nope. Because I am a nice person. (you believe that, right?) Eventually they got some sort of sixth sense anyway and we found this creek, right next to the Hood River, where I proceeded to do 2 paintings and be in heaven.

My buyer fell through for this 6x6 rose painting I did a while back, and it's one I really like, so I am re-listing it here. Click to Bid for -->


Unknown said...

Nice painting.. I like the way of colors used in this painting and the rose looks so pretty...


Rita Kirkman Daily Paintings and Art Journal said...

Oooo! Carol!! You are really getting in a great groove with these up close and personal semi-abstract land/water scapes! I LIKE! This is the same sort of landscape I'm pulled to, must be attractive to artists who don't have a landscape background because it's less like land and more like still life (with the added challenge of a moving light source --lol!)

Sergio Lopez said...

Those creeks along Hood River are gorgeous! I don't blame you one bit!