Tuesday, June 17, 2014

In Das Feld (In the Feild)


Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing some plein air painting with German daily painter, Dietmar Stiller, from Hanover. It was a lovely day, so we hiked up into the field behind my mother-in-law's house. While we painted, my husband and Dietmar's wife chatted and took some pictures. It was a beautiful day, and they were both great company. I suppose they liked us too because they invited us to visit them in Hanover next time we are in Germany! Here's to new friends!


Ron Wilson said...

I like the way in which you recorded the scene - bold, accurate and expressive. An abject lesson for this painter.

eD said...

Hi Carol and David!
Thanks for this perfect day!
It was really joy and fun meeting you. And painting with you was a great experience I will always remember.

Hope to see you soon!
XOXO Dietmar and Susan

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

sounds wonderful and the painting is fresh and beautiful.

DSM said...

Nice country there. Cig' bucket, I suppose.