Thursday, May 15, 2014

Creek Meets River


This is the second painting I did yesterday - a view of where the creek we were standing over (on a small bridge) eventually meets the river beyond. At one point a flock/tribe/band? of elk climbed out of the river slightly upstream, but were totally spooked by us, so they ran back into a grove of trees just to our left. And there they stayed, I assume, until we left.

I want to mention here that I got a new umbrella recently for painting outside and it has made ALL the difference for me!!! Before, the bright sun and glare was not only uncomfortable, and made me want to paint as quickly as possible so I could get back in the shade (because of course there are very few good, reliable vantage points in natural shade), I also found inevitably that my paintings were too dark because ... I don't know, because I was blinded? Anyway, I ordered my BestBrella and it is not only very light and folds up small, it will attach to ANYTHING, and is very sturdy, bendy, and easy to use. In my opinion (and I have tried a few) this IS the best brella for plein air.


Gabriele Baber said...

I have a shade buddy. It is good to have when you are on soft ground as it pushes in stand alone, the advantage is that it is big, enough for you to be under as well as your working area, but the best thing is not being attached o the tripod, there is no shaking due to the umbrella moving from the wind.. My easel umbrella is from art work essentials. Also recommend their easels.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

What I love about your paintings is that you say it all with the least amount of information, but plenty of 'bling'.

Nothing else needed here.

Sam Clift said...

I love this painting, its probably my favourite of your recent works. You've chosen a good palette of colour and the subtle orange creeping through fom the undercoat adds a nice glow to the scene. The brush strokes are quite bold but this works well with the perspective and horizon line, pulling you in. Great stuff!